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Marine & Plumbing

Bead Chain® is corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments.

You’ll find our stainless steel chain in everything from yachts to bathrooms. Bead's competitively-priced, corrosion resistant stainless steel chain gets the job done in the toughest conditions.

Stainless Steel Grade STS304J1 Bead Chain is corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments, construction sites, manufacturing facilities and outdoor applications.  Bead's stainless steel has strong tensile strength for tough applications.  Like stainless steel chain, brass chain is also corrosion resistant and good for certain environments.

Bead Chain® is second to none in quality. We stand behind our products with a quality guarantee.  Bead has a well-earned reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry and we work hard to keep it.

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