Bead Chain Assemblies

Money-Saving Bead Chain® Assemblies

In addition to spool chain, we can quickly provide tangle-free cut lengths of Bead Chain®, with or without pendants.  Let us do the work for you. 

We'll deliver your Bead Chain® assemblies ready to use, straight out of the box.

Bead Chain® assemblies are made in Costa Rica and in the USA using automated equipment to deliver top quaility, affordable products.   Learn about our applications.



Kinkless Bead Chain® of a thousand uses

Authentic Bead Chain is truly the chain of unlimited uses.   From window treatments to fishing lures and everywhere in between, you will find our trade mark product. 

Uncle Josh Tackle Co. relies on Bead's stainless steel chain to perform up to its high quality standards in a demanding industry and harsh environments. Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel chain keeps our customer's consumers happy.


If you are in need of a custom assembly please contact us today. 
Please note, Bead has a $1,000 minimum order requirement. 

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Chain Sizes

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