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The original Bead Chain® since 1914.

Rely on top quality, competitively-priced spool chain from Bead

We stock a wide variety of sizes, materials, and finishes to meet all your requirements. At Bead, we realize you have a choice when buying spool chain. Bead has quality product and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. This is why we have customers from New York to Australia and every where in between.

Why do business with Bead?

Bead has been the global leader since 1914. We've been selling top-quality chain for nearly 100 years. Bead is a global company whose products are in homes and businesses thoughout the world. Trust the experts at Bead to guide you with all of your needs.

International Customers

International customers are better serviced with more shipping options. Bead Chain® can be shipped from South Korea or from the USA. No matter what your location, and with short to no lead times. We deliver product on time. We also package and label to your specifications, and in most cases, at no additional cost.

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